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Karen McGreer & Associates​

Our office is in the Delaware Valley, in  Medford, NJ, bordering the Pinelands Natural Reserve of Burlington County, New Jersey. We are located 30 minutes east of Philadelphia and 45 minutes from the Jersey Shore.   We offer a variety of counseling services such as Marriage and Family Therapy, Sex Therapy, and Marriage Seminars.  We also do an inspirational entertainment or performance art called What's So Funny about Love & Marriage?! 

The Cornerstone

The cornerstone of the family is the marriage. Even the best relationships need to be regularly refined and refocused. Relationships, like all living things, need routine maintenance and nurturing. Committed partners benefit from special opportunities to re-connect by taking a look at how things are currently and how things can be improved.

Karen's goal...

 … is  to point the way to healthier marriages by supporting life-long growth for married partners. She encourages participation in the Marriage Enrichment movement, and has dedicated her life to strengthening marriages. 

The aim of Karen McGreer & Associates is to offer opportunities for couples and individuals to build on their strengths, skills, and resources to develop more satisfying relationships and therefore happier and healthier lives and  families. 


 "Thank you for meeting with us today. After meeting with you, we both instantly remembered why we liked your help! We left feeling uplifted and we had a practical plan for how to help ourselves during the next two weeks. Perhaps my husband said it best.  As we were leaving, he said "She is so knowledgeable." So thank you for making us feel comfortable and helping us see that our 'problems' are not unusual. We look forward to working on our marriage with you."  - R & J.

Counseling Services

Individual & Couple Therapy

We offer therapeutic services customized to match the needs of the individual or couple.

Family Therapy

Many of life's challenges impact the entire family system. The solution to these problems are enhanced by partner and family participation in therapy. 

Marriage Enrichment

Marriage Enrichment is a worldwide movement that began four decades ago as a way to strengthen marriages, and thus families. It is a process where couples build on their strengths to make good marriages better. The seminar is co-sponsored by Better Marriages, which was founded in 1973. Better Marriages is a nonprofit, non-sectarian organization whose mission is to affirm marriages based on partnership and companionship. Seminars are scheduled every 2-3 months. Karen McGreer is available to travel to your organization  for marriage enrichment events lasting anywhere from 2-8 hours. 

Why enrich your marriage?

Every marriage can suffer the effects of complacency. The only obstacle to a great marriage is a good marriage. Since there are no perfect people or perfect marriages, there is always room to grow.  Marriage Enrichment seminars are designed to stimulate private sharing between partners on the most commonly needed growth themes: communication, intimacy, conflict resolution, time management, parenting, finances. etc. 

Group Therapy

Share support and encouragement.  Group therapy is designed to enhance personal development and strengthen relationships.  At different times, different groups are formed.

Sex Therapy

Karen McGreer is one of the most experienced and  fully certified sex therapists in the Delaware Valley.  She has had a full-time private practice since 1986.  Her certification is through AASECT (American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists), the only sex therapy credentialing body in the United States. The field of sex therapy has been undergoing a major paradigm shift thanks to the theory and practice being taught by Dr. David Schnarch, author of Constructing The Sexual Crucible: Integration of Sexual and Marital Therapy (1991), and Passionate Marriage: Sex, Love, and Intimacy in Emotionally Committed Relationships (1997) and Resurrecting Sex: Solving Sexual Problems and Revolutionizing Your Relationship (2003). The goal of sex therapy is to assist clients to heal their sexual frustrations and disappointments, and then guide them to reach their sexual potential.

Sex therapy consultations in person are easily achieved by those traveling to the Delaware Valley, but Karen is available for phone and video consultations for those that are at a greater distance.

About Us

Karen McGreer, M.Ed, LMFT


 Karen McGreer is both a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified Sex Therapist. She holds two Masters degrees, one from Temple University in Education, and one from the Family Institute of Philadelphia. She has been a Registered Nurse since 1968.  Her extensive experience in nursing and physical rehabilitation led her to specialize in the emotional, relational, and sexual aspects of health care.

Karen is a frequent speaker on sexual health, intimacy, and loving through sickness and in health. She has made several hundred media appearances, and has been a frequent guest on various local and national radio and television programs, including Voices in the Family on NPR with Dan Gottlieb. She has appeared over 100 times on ABC affiliated AM Philadelphia with Wally Kennedy, where she co-produced 20 minute segments on sexuality, relationships, and family life. She did similar brief segments on Philadelphia's CBS evening news twice weekly for a year. She also appeared several times on Bob Berkowitz' Real Personal on CNBC.

​Karen lectures across the U.S. and in Europe. Together with her late husband, Dr. Greg McGreer, she hosted a weekly radio show, LOVE MATTERS.  They produced an audiotape called Learning To Last Longer for Better Sex to help men master ejaculatory control. They were featured in a Discovery Health Channel special called Aphrodisiacs: Myth or Medicine, which is still airing. Karen is known nationally for her lively and lighthearted style. 

Up Close with Karen McGreer


"We all falter in life and in relationships at times. That makes us human, not defective. As a Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist, I specialize in building healthier relationships. My style is to work holistically with the Mind-Body connection. Typically, I work with people or partners in crisis and then help them to use the crisis to grow. Our work together is highly personal and confidential. 

I feel so privileged to practice the Healing Arts. My work with clients is based on mutual respect and teamwork. Because I am very frank, people always leave my office feeling clearer about how to grow beyond their current limitations. For those having difficulty living with trauma, I am exited to use powerful tools of energy psychology like Heart Assisted Therapy© because they work quickly to resolve trauma." 

Catherine Eager, M.A., LAC, NCC


Catherine Eager has been a Licensed Associate Counselor since 2018. After having interned with Karen McGreer for two years, she earned her Masters in Clinical Mental Health from CACREP accredited Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado. She is also a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and a member of American Mental Health Counseling Association (AMHCA).  

Specializing in the treatment of individuals needing help with Anxiety, Depression, and/or Trauma, Catherine takes an open-minded approach to client wellness and personalizes the counseling experience to each client's unique needs. Currently, Catherine is working toward upgrading to full  licensure under the supervision of Karen McGreer.

Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is very important to us. This notice describes how we collect, use and disclose your protected health information to carry out treatment, payment, or healthcare options and for other purposes that are permitted or required by law. It also describes your rights to access and control your protected health information. Please review it carefully. This notice took effect 4/14/2003 and remains in effect unless we replace it. 


  • We may collect nonpublic information from the following sources:
  • Information we receive from you on your initial and follow-up visits, such as your name, address, phone number, date of birth, current and past health history, social security number, etc.
  • Information we receive from third parties such as other doctors’ reports. 


Ways we may use and disclose your information without your specific consent authorization:

  • To provide you with the best possible treatment and services.
  • So that the treatment and services you receive from us may be billed and payment collected from you, an insurance company, or third party.
  • For health care operations to assure you receive quality care.
  • We will disclose your personal information to third parties only with your signed written consent, unless compelled by a court order.
  • We do not sell or rent client information. We do not share your information with persons, companies, or organizations that would use that information to contact you about their own products and services. 
  • We may use your name or address for certain marketing activities of our own, such as sending you announcements of upcoming seminars and services. We may telephone you for appointment questions or reminders unless you request otherwise. 


You have the right to:

  • Inspect or obtain a copy of your client information.
  • Request an amendment to your client information. This amendment may be accepted or denied. If denied, you have the right to file a statement of disagreement.
  • Request a restriction of your protected health information, stating the specific restriction and to whom it applies.
  • Request a list of any disclosures we have made of your information.
  • Request confidential communications, that is, how and where we should send communications. 


We are committed to our client’s privacy and strive to protect the confidentiality of your information. Access to your information is restricted to the therapists and office assistant. All employees are educated about the importance of confidentiality and client privacy. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your privacy. We are required to abide by the terms of this Privacy Practices Notice. We may change the terms of our notice at any time. The new notice will be effective for all protected health information that we maintain at that time. You may request any revised Privacy Practices Notice by contacting us and requesting that a revised copy be sent or given to you.

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*Funny as in unexpected, paradoxical, and confusing. 

Presented by Karen McGreer & Joe Luca

Vocals & monologue by Marriage & Family Therapist Karen McGreer

Accompanied by Joe Luca, Jazz Pianist

The Show

As a Marriage and Family Therapist since 1985, Karen shares personal and professional observations on love and marriage, paired with Jazz Standards from the Great American Songbook.

Karen and Joe continue performing throughout the Tri-State area.

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